I explain a few things

If I had-a my way

I’d tear this building down.


In previous instances I have articulated unfinished thoughts on myself in society and society’s debt to me and mine, which now are worth revisiting.  I have written that my people joined the latest battle – both beautiful and ugly – for human rights; that remains the case if one is accustomed to the implications that vocabulary assumes.  Since then I have shifted allegiances.  I still believe in my people and the cause they espouse, to be sure.  I don’t, however, agree with the context in which they operate, or the text they must use to achieve their ends. Let me explain:

In the past, it has been said, that we must be included in the American Dream (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) in order for that promise to ring true.  While this was entertained we have been excluded from the American (political) reality and force-fed a nightmare: witness the close to 1,000 daily deportations, and the deaths crossing the dessert.  Further, a quick revision and retelling of the history of the American Dream is that it has always been at the expense of another, most recently: us.

In the past, it has been accepted that there are “bad” immigrants and “good” immigrants, labels which under close examination are interchangeable – making all vulnerable to deportation.  This bifurcation overlooks the more serious phenomena that we are all both “bad” and “good” – in so doing we have limited the palate of human emotion: creating monsters of some and angels of others.

In the past, it has been understood that immigration is bad, regrettable, and unfortunate, – a reality that, from time to time, must be dealt with – leading to the sole conclusion that immigrants (and increasingly their young) are too.  What this overlooks is that the walk of humans (on this Earth) is as old as the flow or rivers, and as ancient as flow of human blood in human veins (Hughes).

We might be witnessing the latest struggle for human rights, but what is actually necessary is a rebirth – through non-violent revolution – of society.  So that we no longer, from time to time, fancy the deserving rights of this group or the next.  Until then we will have false judges adjudicating the fate of their next victims – at the expense of our collective humanity.

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